UNLIKELY PLACES is a ensemble that congregates different practices, such as: network music, phonography, improvisation,  transmission and locative media. The aim is to create different listening, performative and improvisational contexts – using mobile  technology to connect sites with a significantly different, aural and contextual identity.

Diogo Alvim is a portuguese composer and PhD student at SARC. His research explores connections between music and architecture. diogoalvim.com

Eduardo Patricio is a Brazilian composer/performer. He is currently undertaking research at SARC in electroacoustic composition, focusing on its relationship to musical formalisms x improvisation, narrative and chronotopic arrangements. eduardopatricio.wordpress.com

Rui Chaves is a Portuguese sound artist/performer, currently conducting Phd research at SARC. His focus, is in the intersection between mobile technology and site-specificity. asiwaswalkingby.org/home

Pedro Rebelo is a composer/digital artist and performer working in electroacoustic music, improvisation, digital media and installation. He is currently the director of Research at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. somasa.qub.ac.uk/~prebelo/index/

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