No Chords Attached


Diogo Alvim
Eduardo PatrĂ­cio
Pedro Rebelo
Rui Chaves

No chords attached is a network piece, in which the performance framework is based on a mobile and remote performer, broadcasting from the city and receiving audio from the concert hall (this is done through custom developed software).

This enables the work to take on different compositional strategies – linking instrument, performers and unlikely places. It uses the piano as a bridge between the incoming broadcast of the city soundscape and the concert hall (by using transducers placed on the strings and soundboard); it changes the performance context by taking the pianist outside the hall (the remote performer is carrying a small speaker, transforming the work into a form of public sonic intervention); It uses the network latency to explore resonant frequencies, by transforming the original sound into a spatial imprint of other places.

No chords attached is a work that questions the nature of listening in a musical performance. This is done through the creation of a network topology that creates a dialogue between everyday sounds and concert hall. By co-existing together in different contexts, it reveals the archetypal nature of the such places.


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