Two Thousand + SIX
Two Thousand + SEVEN
Two Thousand + NINE
Two Thousand + TEN
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Since 2006 the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music in Belfast has committed itself to hosting an annual international symposium.

The Two Thousand + SIX symposium was the first of its kind and focussed on performance in technology mediated environments.
It brought together performance practitioners, composers, and theorists discussing various topics on performances informed by new technologies.

The Two Thousand + SEVEN symposium ran alongside the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (21st - 25th April 2007).Click here for schedule and abstracts of presentations.

The Two Thousand + EIGHT symposium did take place in the form of the ICMC 2008 (International Computer Music Conference) in Belfast.

The Two Thousand + NINE symposium took place on the 16th of May 2009 and focussed on user-generated content.

The Two Thousand + TEN symposium took place on the 6th of November 2010. See here for full details.

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