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"Franziska Schroeder’s saxophone is an excellent counterpoint to Park’s electric guitar, mostly because her post-tonal sensibilities are conceived and executed so well. Very simply, contemporary improvisation has grown beyond the 12-note chromatic division of the octave. Buh bye! It is this extended tonal consciousness by which Schroeder achieves the elusive by keeping the narrative aspects to a minimum without regressing to that childish, abnegating HVAC morality holding hostage the imagination of so many wind and reed players in our improvising community."
(July 2013 | THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD, Stanley Zappa)

"Schroeder - a welcome revelation on these shores - constitutes a great addition in my book of favourite saxophonists, her attitude basically lyrical, sensitive competence just pouring out from whatever she chooses to release from a couple of soulful yet scientifically-oriented lungs. I’m not surprised to discover that she’s been active on the instrument since the age of nine - the perceived skill is indisputable. High-class stuff all over the place, very highly recommended".
(Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes on the 2007 FAINT recording: Creativesources Recording Label)

"Franziska Schroeder is one of the most innovative and creative saxophone players from Germany... "
(Nuno Rebelo - Guitar player, sound explorer, improviser, composer)

"If real-time sonic deviance is something that you enjoy, then Franziska Schroeder’s saxophone prowess is definitely not to be missed. Her technique is quick and virtuosic: every second of the improvisation brings a new dimension to the performance (switch off for an instant and you will be left wondering how the sonic landscape changed). Having a sound and approach that sets her in a league of her own, it is unsurprising that Schroeder has a distinguished background that includes a Fellowship at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast..."
(Press Release 2008, Stet Lab, Han-earl Park)

"The mutant saxophones of Franziska Schroeder":
The best was, without doubt, the performance by the German saxophonist Franziska Schroeder, who on alto and tenor saxophone, interpreted works by Pedro Rebelo, Peter Nelson, Cort Lippe and Isabel Mundry... wonderfully executed sounds.
(Ruis Eduardo Paes, ProMúsica magazine, July 2000: translated by Pedro Rebelo)