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Showcase Concert 2011

The 2011 (24th of March) concert was again a showcase concert of works by PhD composers at the School of Music and Sonic Arts (now School of Creative Arts). All works featured various saxophones, accordion, electronics plus two network pieces.
The works below featured in th 2011 concert, taking place at the world-famous Sonic Lab.

For Full Program with Program Notes and Biographies, see here.


Felipe Hickmann - Disguises for accordion, tenor saxophone and bagpipes in New York (live)
(Duration: ca. 7’00)
Matthew Welch (bagpipes, New York),
Manuela Meier (accordion, Belfast)

Disguises good quality audio mix


Sarah Weaver
- Center to Center - for bagpipes and tenor saxophone telematic duo
(Duration: 7’00)
Matthew Welch (bagpipes, New York)
New York Location: Music and Audio Research Lab (MARL), Music Technology Program, Steinhardt School, New York University. Technical support: Tom Beyer


Manuela Meier
- "rhyolite revisited" (2011) for soprano saxophone and accordion (world premiere) (Duration: ca. 6’00)
Manuela Meier (accordion)
Please contact the composer for audio or score materials.

Ryan Molloy (Ryan Molloy's website) - “Séamsur IV” for soprano saxophone and stereo fixed media
(Duration: 10'00)

AUDIO (better quality)


Hugh Martin Boyle
- Pantoum: for tenor saxophone and tape
(Duration: ca. 8’00)

Better Quality AUDIO


Click Picture for Slide Show
(featuring Manuela Meier and Franziska Schroeder in rehearsals 2011)