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liveSHOUT is an interactive audio streaming mobile app. The app is designed to facilitate multiple streaming points and multiple listening points, what we call 'distributed listening'.
The app has a simple interface which has been designed to facilitate interaction while on the move. We envisage that liveSHOUT will be of interest to audio enthusiasts, sound practitioners, journalists and event promoters. liveSHOUT tries to transmit and receive audio with the best possible quality dependent on the network connection. The user has full control over parameters which affect the performance of the streaming and the quality of the audio.

liveSHOUT was designed at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in partnership with Locus Sonus and was made possible through an Arts and Humanities Research Council research grant led by Dr Franziska Schroeder and Professor Pedro Rebelo at Queen's University Belfast.


liveSHOUT allows users to interact with a global network of audio streams. By using the built in or external microphone on a mobile device, users can stream their sound environment as well as listening to any other online users. Users can listen to individual streams or mix up to three streams in a binaural mode. In the mixing mode, each stream is panned according to its location. This provides a "3 dimensional" audio mix, which changes dynamically according to the location of the listener in relation to the chosen streams. liveSHOUT has integrated Twitter functionality which allows for users to communicate and coordinate under #liveSHOUT.

liveSHOUT interfaces with the Locus Sonus Soundmap, a live worldwide open microphone network online since 2006.
By creating an account on the Locus Sonus Soundmap, liveSHOUT users will be able to send and receive streams which will be visible on the map and accessible to other users.


Before using liveSHOUT you need to create an account with the Locus Sonus Soundmap.
Once the account is created and validated you can return to liveSHOUT and introduce the account details in the settings page. The settings page also allows you to configure your stream selecting stereo vs mono, setting audio quality and buffer size, switching on automatic reconnect and enabling the multiple listening option. Further advanced configuration settings for how the app deals with GPS are also available.

Once you are setup with an account, every time you open liveSHOUT you will be directed to the upstream page. You will see an audio meter showing you the level picked up by the microphone and a slider to control volume. To start a stream simple press the microphone icon and you are online! Please note that due to the server technology liveSHOUT uses there is an inherent delay of a few seconds which affects all audio streams. To get a sense of what the delay is start streaming then go to the downstream page and select your own stream.

In the downstream page you can check which streams are available (i.e. other liveSHOUT users) either through a list or map view. In this page you can select which stream(s) to listen to.
The Twitter page incorporates all basic Twitter functionality and automatically tags a new message with #liveSHOUT.

Project leads
Franziska Schroeder and Pedro Rebelo
Peter Sinclair
St├ęphane Cousot
Matilde Meireles