Both the Lyric Theatre in Belfast and 42nd Street in Manchester will run several weeks of practical workshops with two community groups, during which the custom-designed app and specifically developed listening strategies will be work-shopped and made into a final theatre showcase.

An experienced drama facilitator, appointed by each theatre company, will guide and design in collaboration with the community groups, two performance events in each city around the idea of distributed listening. The theatre expert will facilitate an overall dramaturgy for the final performance situations in each city.

Each company will work independently with their respective groups in weekly educational workshops. The groups will explore the custom-designed app, which allows them to tune into each other’s mobile device while being in different locations.

In each city, the workshop participants will have a portable blue tooth speaker and microphones as well as the mobile app, in order to amplify and transmit locational sounds during the final performance.

The rationale is to transfer ideas from network music performance – which relies heavily on high-speed internet access, dedicated network specialists and technologically well-equipped performance spaces – beyond academic audiences to local communities.

   Documentation of the workshops will be posted when available.