Impact Event

5 May 2017
Lyric Theatre Belfast
Distributed Listening Socially Engaged Art

An AHRC funded research project, led by Dr Franziska Schroeder and Prof Pedro Rebelo from the Sonic Arts Research Centre,  Queen’s University Belfast.

You are warmly invited to attend an impact meeting at the Lyric Theatre Belfast on the 5th May 2017; 11am – 5pm.

The event is a culmination of an AHRC funded Follow on Impact award, exploring the idea of ‘distributed listening’ through the development of a new app for mobile phones, called liveSHOUT.

At the event, we will present the outcomes of two shows, developed during 2016 , which used the app. We will also be playing new games (it’s going to be fun!) using the app so that we can explore different ways of narrative, sound and space.

The two projects that used the app were:

In Manchester
A new immersive show entitled “Hidden”, which explored ideas about the future of caring. It was co-created by young carers and artists Annette Mees & Tom Bowtell. The show took place in ‘The Horsfall’ – 42nd Street’s new creative venue, supporting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people across Greater Manchester.

In Belfast
Performance artist Amanda Coogan developed a work entitled “Once More” which physically explored the site of the Lyric Theatre by guiding the audience through various spaces using their mobile phones. Performers were installed around the building in isolated sites, and the performance asked them to perform and to listen carefully to join their colleagues, via the app.  Each performance site explored the interpretations of Shakespeare’s Once More unto the breach speech, in a fragmented and re-contextualised way using loops, repetition and fragmentation.

Audiences encountered nuggets of information, sound and stunning visuals in each performance location while they were asked to create an individual narrative as they travelled around the building during the performance.

The format for the day is as follows:

Meeting 11am (Foyer of the Lyric Theatre ) – coffee

Session 1: PROJECTS
11.15 am – 1 pm

Informal talks by each team on the app, its concept and development (Franziska / Pedro) and on team projects, development, implications for using the app; led by Tom/Julie for Manchester and Amanda/Philip for Belfast project.
Showing of videos

Lunch1 – 2pm

Session 2: PLAY
2pm – 3.30pm

Using the app we will play a few games, involving “Movers and Shakers”, “Sounding out Space” and “Actors Talk”
If you own an iPhone, please bring it.
Several actors from the Belfast show will be present

Session 3FORWARD
3.30pm – 4.30pm

Discussion and Brainstorming of ideas emerging from the games.
How may we take the idea of distributed listening forward?

 End: 5pm

Speakers / Participants:

Franziska Schroeder SARC, Queen’s University Belfast, Project Lead
Pedro Rebelo SARC, Queen’s University Belfast, Project Lead
Amanda Coogan Performance Artist, Belfast
Philip Crawford Head of Creative Learning at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast
Matilde Meireles Postdoctoral researcher, Queen’s University Belfast and graphic designer for the project
Pauline McKay Project Co-ordinator Lyric Belfast
Tom Bowtell Writer, Director and Performer for 42nd Street, Manchester
Julie McCarthy Producer and Director of 42nd Street, Manchester