Performance Events

Two final performance events will be staged in each city – in Belfast and in Manchester. Both groups in each city will work with the listening app and distributed listening strategies, developed by Dr Franziska Schroeder.

The dramaturgical setting will be site — and context — specific for each community group, since the performances are developed by the community participants with help from an expert theatre facilitator. This proposal is designed to be participatory and to deliver socially engaged art; hence, it is artist-led and participant focussed.

Play: Once More
Artistic director: Amanda Coogan
Date: 13th June 2016
Where: Lyric Theatre, 55 Ridgeway St, Belfast, BT9 5FB
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Play: Hidden
Co-created with award-winning interactive theatre makers Tom Bowtell & Annette Mees
Dates: 31st Jan – 11th Feb 2017
Where: The Horsfall, 87 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester
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Hidden has a cast of professionals mixed with young carers and is led by Andrew McCain (Burmese Theater Workshop) and Nicky Hargreaves (Guildhall)

The sound artist Linda O’Keeffe was commissioned to work as part of the creative team on the Hidden project. The focus of the production was on the contemporary lives of teen carers and the potential future of caring in world moving towards robotics and automation. O’Keeffe has worked for over 10 years with teenagers exploring their sonic environment and has produced many projects focused on sensory engagements with place and the body.

For this project she spent several months working with the teenagers using participatory research methods. From October to December 2016 she worked with over 35 teenagers at 42nd Street to explore composing and performing their everyday soundscapes, imagining the future of sound within intelligent computer systems, and sound design ideas for the Hidden production. Additionally, O’Keeffe, in collaboration with SARC, was tasked with embedding the software application LiveShout into the production. This played an essential role in making visible the lives of teen carers beyond the space of the live performance.

The making of