Distributed Listening – socially engaged art is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC: AH/N00311X/1 – January – December 2016). Awarded to Dr Franziska Schroeder (Principal investigator) and Prof Pedro Rebelo (Co-investigator) at the School of Creative Arts, Queen’s University Belfast.

This project was designed in collaboration with 2 theatre companies to engage participants outside of the academic research community.

Two theatre companies identified a specific need of engaging young people in listening and in discovering the role of sound in everyday life. The proposal was developed according to those needs and brings a research component (distributed listening) into a portable form in the shape of a newly custom-designed app for mobile devices.

We will collaborate with the Lyric Theatre in Belfast and young adults aged between 16 and 25. We will also work with 42nd Street, a young people’s mental health charity committed to supporting young people under stress.

This project is concerned with socially engaged arts, a form of active citizenship, commissioned to effect social change. At the heart of our project are the participants who will, under the guidance of professional theatre facilitators, develop a piece of creative work based on “distributed listening”.