Documentation: Pictures / Videos / Program 2014


Have a look at the videos that were created by the Big Ears children.
They were given pictures to choose from and in 4 groups created a story and sonic accompaniment...

Group 1 - Locked

Title: Locked First we created a haunting story involving a man being chased by a wolf in dark of the woods. Based on the story board we created, we then realised all different kind of sounds and sonic atmospheres we needed for our soundtrack using various different techniques: For some sounds we were working like classical foley artists in film recording footsteps, door latch and hinges, for others we used all sorts of found sounds (voice, instruments, stationary..) that we altered and modified creatively in the computer. In the end we edited and mixed the sounds along with the pictures to create our final piece.

Group 2 - The Crime

We started the investigation with some intriguing and disconnected photos of people and places. We looked for clues, wondering about who those people were, and what kind of intentions they had. We considered some puzzling hypothesis: were they planning to rob a bank in Germany? Fly in disguise to New Zealand? Start world war III? We needed more information; we then started to look for clues around the SARC building using spying techniques of sound recording. Was the sound of the dripping water in the kitchen a missing clue? What about the sound of that car?...We also made a confidential phone call to a network of informants abroad; they provided more evidence: the sound of a helicopter, a beep from a mysterious source, a recording of a secret conversation. The investigation remains an open case.

Group 3 - The Man Hugging Astronauts and The Evil Eye

For the Man-Hugging Astronauts and the Evil Eye, we began getting to know each other by looking at the pictures that we had been given, and came up with words that we could associate with each image. Each child wrote one or two word descriptions on post-it notes telling us what the images conjured up in their minds. We then attempted to tell the story of these images using story-telling techniques based on the words that we had invented. After finalising the story, we tried to work out which types of sounds we would require in order to assist our story. We worked with live vocal processing, tuned percussion and found sounds from around the SARC building and grounds. The piece was edited with input from everyone. As is usual of Big Ears participants, the ideas from the children were brilliant, and the group was pleased with their final piece.

Group 4

This sound piece emerged out of a short story the children constructed from photos they had been given. In this work, a child is playing crazy golf when the ball gets knocked over to a treasure chest where the child finds a map. When he picks it up he falls through a hole and wanders through some caves. He follows the treasure map until he arrives where the treasure is. There he meets Death who has imprisoned his girlfriend and tells him he can either keep the treasure or he will throw his girlfriend into a fiery pit. The ‘hero' picks the money, but then Death throws him onto the fire anyway. We don’t quite know what happened to the girlfriend...

Pictures taken at Big Ears 2014 | Location - Sonic Arts Research Centre