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Pictures from the 2011 Workshop

Kids and Technology at 2011 Big Ears

Pictures from the 2011 Showcase

Timetable of the 2011 Training

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Big Ears 2011 Evaluation Report


The Big Ears Crew being very scary (or at least some of us !!!)


SARC BEAST: Guy Harries, Lauren Hayes, Duncan MacLeod
"” Beasty "” Surreal Sounds "” Spectacular Lights "”


Net Dragons: Felipe Hickmann, Steve Davis, Alistair Zaldua
Immense ... Crazy ... Maniac ... Bash, Bam, Pow !!!

Ghosts in the machine: Philip Reeder, Caterina McEvoy
[ Secret [ Scary [ Surprise

SPACE news: Laryssa Whittaker, Lauren Redhead, John D'Arcy
alien --- extraterrestrial --- exploratory --- voices ---

Big Ears Kids chilling out !


Supported by a Collaborative Research Training Award, AHRC 2011-2012: