Big Ears 2015 runs from 25 - 27 of March 2015

Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen's University Belfast

Big Ears 2015 is supported by Queen's University's Researcher and Training Development Fund

In 2015 Big Ears runs in collaboration with The Drake Music Project Northern Ireland, a charity that has been working for over 20 years to enable musicians with physical disabilities and learning difficulties to independently compose and perform their own music through technology.
The public engagement training has the theme "Designing Inclusive Interactions and it launches an exciting new collbaoraiton between SARC and The Drake Music Project.
In 2015 PhD student Koichi Samuels designed the event in collaboration wht Dr Franziska Schroeder, the initiator of the Big Ears training events.

A draft program for the day can be viewed here.

Showcase Event, 27th March 7pm at SARC

Followed by a Wine Reception, sponsored by Homecare and Healthcare providers Trackars and supported by two major industry partners Abelton Live and Roland.

For further information contact:
Koichi Samuels (Project Director) - ksamuels01@qub.ac.uk
Dr Franziska Schroeder (Big Ears co-ordinator) - f.schroeder@qub.ac.uk