Cycling at Sea Level
Soundwalk by JOHN D’ARCY
Location: Donegall Quay

Find your way to Belfast’s Laganside to hear a fusion of modern Northern Irish poetry and the sounds of cycling.
Listen to Sinead Morrissey recite her poem Cycling at Sea Level, accompanied by a surreal soundscape of bells, wheels and brakes.

As you stand at the National Cycle Network map, you will hear the poet contemplate her journey home along River Lagan. This spot at Donegall Quay lies at the heart of the Laganside rejuvenation and has constantly evolved over the recent decades.
Check the map to find your way to the poem. When you get near you will hear a cacophony of bicycle bells. The poem will begin when you get to the marker.

This soundwalk was originally featured in Laganside: a Mobile Poetry Experience in Belfast (for iPhone and Android).