A Place like This
Location: Shankill and Falls Peaceline

A Place Like This is a sound walk composed from the insights of a woman and man who grew up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.
Sound artists Fionnuala Fagan and Paul Stapleton have created musical responses to their narration.
Begin to walk along North Howard Street from catholic Falls Road through the security gates which will lead you to protestant Shankill. Walk briskly and follow the markers on the map. The markers are there to guide you in the right direction. They do not refer to changes in the audio.

The peacewall was put up following outbreaks of rioting in August 1969 in order to protect these two communities, living side-by-side, from each other. This wall segregates the catholic Falls and Springfield Roads, from Protestant Shankill. It is over half a mile long and was put up as a temporary measure. However, over three decades on, the reinforced wall still stands. 16 other walls just like this one are situated in different parts of Belfast city. There are plans in place to take the walls down over the next 10 years, by 2023…

This walk is not a history tour. You will not hear specific stories about the wall which you are walking around. The narratives refer more generally to the invisible walls which block our divided society from moving forward. Clear your mind of the expectations you may already have. Accept that in order to experience this you need only to walk in the right direction and to listen, to listen, to listen as if your life depends upon it…