Lock 1 memories
Location: Lagan Meadows

During the 18th century, the Lock 1 on the River Lagan was the busiest lock on the trading route connecting Belfast and Lisburn. It is known as Molly Ward’s, after a tavern that was ran by the wife of the lock-keeper William Ward. Where once was the original cottage it is now the Stranmillis Boat Club. Lock 1 is also the beginning of The Lagan Towpath, an 11 miles long, riverside walking/cycling route. In ‘Lock 1 memories’, I will lead you through a sonic experience combining natural and ‘imagined’ sounds. I will comment on this beautiful scenery in which the presence of traffic noise from Stranmillis and Annadale Embankments is replaced by sounds of the rumbling water from the weir, the wind blowing on the leaves, birds singing and the constant human presence around. Just keep your headphones on and walk freely from the gate of the Belfast Rowing Club until the “ducks corner” further down the Lagan Towpath. Different sonic memories more or less fragmented will be triggered depending on your position along the route. Try not to rush and listen to what I prepared for you. I’ll give you some more details on the way.